Dream of the Maestro


It’s every musician’s dream to hear the sound they heard when they were recording truly reproduced,
through these MAD speakers, my dream has finally become true!





What Can You Expect


Natural and realistic

They are very natural sounding loudspeakers, sounding like the musicians are performing in your room, just like a real performance. ‘These are nice sounding speakers – very well done and I like the retro-style, too...’ Thomas Schmidt

Top English Design

MAD speakers are assembled in the garden of England ‘Sussex’ by craftsmen who share the MAD vision for high standards. ‘I play the 1920’s most nights for an hour or so. They are balanced and lovely, they do remarkable things for a small box speaker.’

Full-Bodied & Rich

You can hear with crystal clear clarity, without harshness or excessive forceful bass, regardless of volume. Even at low volume, you are still able to hear well-balanced sound with bass.

Ideal for home cinema

The MAD speaker range is cohesively designed with each model sharing a similar signature making it possible to match different models within a system.


The balance across all frequency bands is optimal and very smooth, with emotion and high definition. ‘I’m finding them completely fatigue free and I am finding I am listening to them almost every day, which I think is the best test! The contrast with my Focal’s is interesting, they had more ‘sparkle’ but overall I think the 1920s are a more rounded and enjoyable listen.’ Robert Pearce – London, UK

Ease to drive

All of our designs are efficient and match easily with most well-designed amplifiers. From a few watts valve (tube) amplifier, to thousand watts solid state monster. And they are designed to play all kinds of music. ‘Rhythmically they’re superb, able to bounce along to any type of music from rock to classical with heady abandon.’ David Price

British Pride

MAD are some of the best loudspeakers in the world. When you become a MAD owner, you can tell your friends that you have the same speakers as the world leading cellist ‘Julian Lloyd Webber’, ‘Julian Coward’ of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and many others. If they don’t believe you, show them on our website.

Easy to position

The speakers are designed with a wide dispersion array, performing well in rooms of all sizes and shapes. ‘Actually, these are really fine speakers. You were right, they blow away my old ProAcs. The room is not the best for audio but the 1920s fill up the room unusually well even with the room limitations.’ Professor D. Paper – USA

Professional Reviews

“they're superb, able to bounce along to any type of music from rock to classical with heady abandon... These speakers punched a massive sound stage into the room (for a standmounter), one which far outstrips no small number of larger floorstanders; it was almost as if someone had pressed a secret 'stereo wide' button... Grand MM sound different to the norm and in variety of extremely positive ways. In a nutshell, they're very big, bouncy and engaging performers which throw an almost holographic soundstage into a room, appearing themselves to dissolve into the middle distance. Tonally they're quite neutral, being just perhaps a little on the dry side, and rhythmically Grand MM delivers a quite engaging and involving overall sound quality in a package that's certainly distinctive and very different from the marketplace stereotypes...
David Price
Editor in Chief - Hi Fi World
"MAD1920 書架揚聲器21世紀新英國迷你鑑聽喇叭 經過一個早上的配線校聲及擺位,我非常滿意這套組合的音質,以 價論聲,我給五粒星最高評價。這就是我喜歡的音樂感!一對1920 微微toe-in。我發覺在如此近距離聽音樂,聆聽空間約150呎,MAD 1920的全頻能量感分配是剛剛好把空間填滿,人聲音量適中的時候 低頻亦有充足的量感墊底。不要說LS3/5A,其他品牌的同等體積小 喇叭,在細房內從未聽過具有如MAD 1920的豐滿低音效果。聽《天皇笑匠梁醒波》,「告狀」中波叔對白風趣鬼馬,夠肉地,表 情十足。蝦叔夠惡,官威嚇人,二人的對答生動傳神,把我的情緒緊緊抓着。「查篤撐」打擊樂聲生猛熱鬧,中樂團齊奏時拉闊音場,全曲表現生動有趣,想不到英國製造的MAD 1920唱中樂粵曲亦沒 有格格不入。
Sam Ho
Chief Editor - Hi Fi Review, UK
the absolute sounds
MAD Duke Royal Salute Limited Edition - Best sound of the show
"The Duke Royal Limited were blithely putting out some of the most elegant sound on display at AXPONA. Extremely refined – and coming from the TIDAL room, this was anything but a let down. ‘Outstanding’ was what I wrote in the margins of my flier, and while I was shrugging at the apparent pricing disconnect, I saw the extremely cool marquetry on the side cabinet – hello, Union Jack. All told, a very surprising speaker."
Scot Hull
Contributor - Absolute Sound USA
Musictech-MAD Maestro Monitor
"On first listen, the 1920S might sound slightly laid-back, especially when A/B-tested against more aggressive-sounding monitors; however, this smoother approach is due to the complete absence of midrange glare that plagues some nearfield designs. What these monitors do offer is a sweet top end that blends seamlessly with a deep, focused midrange, underpinned by an impressively solid low end. Its delicious, classic sound is a refreshing change from the unforgiving nature of many modern boxes.
John Pickford
Producer/Recording Engineer, UK
The Most Wanted Components - MAD 1920 LOUDSPEAKER
Oh-My-God! The first song I played was Melody Gardot’s “Baby I’m A Fool” from her... it was as if she was oozing out of the 1920's and right into my ears. Her elegantly jazzy voice hung in the air, allowing me to enjoy even the moistening of her lips between pauses. The 1920s do some job of imaging and filling in the soundstage without becoming overwhelmed by it. The orchestra that supports her seems to occupy real space and the instruments maintain cohesion and don’t smear over each other.
Dave Thomas
Editor in Chief - Stereo Times USA
The Diamond Signature Series Silver Cables
"Yet (and I was surprised too) with the Royal Salute power cord connecting the PS Audio Premier to the mains, there was a noticeable and unexpected difference to the sound – bigger, clearer, sharper, more transparent. Indeed, after installing the Royal Salute mains cable, I was actually able to reduce volume levels on my amplifier a tad, and still experience (what seemed for all the world like) the same subjective loudness.
Jimmy Hughes
Senior Contributor - Hi Fi+ UK
sun daily
My Audio Design 1920 營造全面包圍感
"對於音響界來說,年尾堪稱是年度旺季。一來部分打工仔出雙糧手頭鬆動,二來不少人都想在年尾時去舊迎新。香港地寸金尺土,如想音色表現有飛躍性提升... 英國MAD新推出的1920就是不錯的選擇,高音通透低音有力,更難得是雖然音箱細細,但音場包圍感全面,兼且定位準確。它支援58Hz~40kHz頻率響應,高音人聲通透圓潤,低音厚實有力,配合新設計的音頻線路及驅動系統,令靈敏度有大幅度提升。90dB靈敏度, 就算是一般擴音機都能流暢推動,即使演繹連續不斷的低音,都同樣流暢自然。"
Mr Angus
Life Style Reporter - The Sun 太陽報
1920 Classic
"MAD 1920保存了LS3/5A 大部份的音樂感,既具專業監聽器般的清晰細緻,亦令人投入聆賞音樂,兩皆俱全的形態,在這個價格級別而言,可說是難能可貴。 MAD以從容不迫的狀態,表現出既深且濶,兼帶有三維訉息立體音場的樂曲,這般殘酷的考驗,一般的LS3/5A組合,未必吃得消。能夠處理比更龐大的動態,拓展更寛廣的高、低頻,能夠【捱】得更勁的衝撃力,更難得的,是其90db的靈敏度度大音壓的無畏無懼。每邊十瓦巳經把它推到仿似大喇叭,是本地一衆遭逢【土地問題】者的一個解決賞樂的最佳方案之一。"
Carp Wah
Screenshot 2021-02-04 at 17.06.04
MAD 1920S Studio Monitor
"The seductive midrange and engaging musicality -- and brought it to the modern listener. The 1920S goes deeper, has a more open top end, and is easier to drive than BBC style monitors of yesteryear. The workmanship on the 1920S is classy, and they offer a pride of ownership, excellent performance within their class. I strongly recommend an audition if you are looking for a modern sounding monitor that retains the virtues of the classics in this category. This is a high fidelity loudspeaker."
Bryan Southard
Contributor - AV Revolution USA
The most sophisticated
"在傳統英國音色的Beard CA35 帶動,用上斯文,文靜,厚度的6L6 .Mcintosh mc30 推動今天主角全人手打造英國產的 MAD 1920小書架喇叭,帶給一份感動,順滑,細緻,高密度,爆炸力等的欣賞。 太過驚喜,在三十多年的音響生涯中,書架仔從未見,更未聽聞過频率那麽廣闊,它的高音很好很高的質量,厚道,空氣感,又快又高又寛鬆流暢,有靜電的感覺,甜美感人。中频在適當後级推動之下會帶给不同味道的醇厚,韻味和豐潤線條。底频力量有着大喇叭的質感,巨人,大地在我腳下的感覺。"
C W Li
Contributor - Audiophile Hong Kong
MAD Grand Maestro Monitor
"The result is a dramatically grippy, punchy and articulate standmounter with real physical presence - it's got a 'Rock'n Roll Heart' - yet it has finesse and subtlety too. The loudspeaker is best likened to the sort of expensive middle field monitor likely to appear in a well resourced recording studio, yet it brings sophistication and delicacy from the hi-fi side too. Eric (Clapton) would surely love it."
David Price
Editor in Chief - Hi Fi World, UK
MAD 1920 Loudspeaker
"Forget the LS3/5A; it’s better to consider the 1920.... The 1920’s impressive coherence actually has some of the flavour of a single full-range driver speaker. Some might find its overall character a shade boxy and lacking in sparkle, but others will welcome the fact that the tweeter doesn’t draw attention to itself and enjoy this speaker’s superior bass agility, good dynamic expression and fine midband communication. It might look like an LS3/5A, but it certainly doesn’t sound like one."
Paul Messenger
News Editor - Stereophile USA
MAD Grand Maestro Monitor
Stevie Ray Vaughans guitar sounded more authentical and direct than usual. While other speaker give the feeling that one is listening to a big pa system, with the MAD (MyClapton Grand MM) the Marshall stack is placed right in the corner of the listening room, and the drumset in the middle. Steves voice sounded a little more raucous, and also more soulful than usual. The rest of the trio rocks with full, rich drive, that it became a pure joy - with dynamics and level more like a full-grown floor standing Loudspeakers. With an exquisite soundstage and intelligent conduction. of dynamics the MAD understood to inspire Jazz and Classic lovers as well. Price/Performance: Very good’
M. Ruhnke
Editor, AUDIO Magazine Germany
MAD Grand Maestro Monitor
‘Grand Maestro Monitor delivers a quite engaging and involving overall sound quality in a package that’s certainly distinctive and very different from the marketplace stereotypes….. The character is quite muscular and punchy with good coherence, plenty of drive and urgency and decent rendition of orchestral textures.’
Paul Messenger
Senior Contributor - Hi Fi Choice, UK
MAD 1920 Loudspeaker
The surprise has been the model 1920, which looks like the LS3/SA. Best Sounds of CES 2013, 1920 Loudspeakers.
Roberto Rocchi
Chief Editor, Remusic.it
World Standard! This is one of the best two stand mount speakers I had ever heard over the last 40 years.
Noel Keywood
Chief Editor - HI Fi World, United Kingdom
All things considered, the extra efficiency, slam and bass weight are what separate the MAD 1920s from their comparably priced brethren. You wouldn't mistake these for a pair of floorstanders, but they open up and breathe so much more than the other small speakers we've experienced at this price level. While the Harbeth and Stirlings both present a benigh enough load to drive with a 20-watt amplifier, they are still rated in the range of 83 to 84 db - which means that a low-power amp can't deliver the dynamic peaks like it can with a speaker rated at 90 db.
Jeff Dorgay
Editor in Chief - Tone Audio
Under a Confined listening environment, I suspect you can hardly find it's limitation, because the glamorous charm of the 1920 already filled your space completely.
Chi Wai Lee
Editor - Audiophile
Musictech-MAD Maestro Monitor
MAD Grand Maestro Studio
My Audio Design has created a truly special monitor with the Grand MS. Many top-flight studios will want to install them as midfield monitors, while home and project-studio recordists who insist on the ultimate in sound quality will want them as their main monitors. Perhaps their particular sonic charm may appeal more to those who make their music with ‘real’ instruments rather than those involved purely with electronica, but nobody with a musical ear would be immune to their charm, we feel. In terms of tonal accuracy, dynamics and sheer musical insight they are truly stellar performers.
John Pickord
Producer / Recording Engineer
MAD SPL Series Cables
"By now, I was enjoying a bigger cleaner sound that had greater projection and dynamics. Voices and Instruments had more space around them, yet the cohesiveness and integration I value most was fully maintained. Sometimes, a component gives you improved sound staging and detail, but the expense of coherence - the music sounds more detailed and dynamic but doesn't hang together as well."
Jimmy Hughes
Senior Contributor - Hi Fi+, UK
Musictech-MAD Maestro Monitor
MAD 1920S Loudspeaker
The 1920S takes a different approach, sounding rich, fulsome and far bigger than the size would lead you to believe. One visitor to our studios thought he was listening to our huge ATC main monitors with their 12-inch (31cm) bass drivers, when we were actually using the diminutive 1920S.
John Pickord
Producer/Recording Engineer
MAD 1920 Classic
"The Speaker Sounds mature and sophisticated way beyond its size and cost, and bringing sweetness, space and smoothness to every recording it plays."
David Price
Editor in Chief - Hi Fi World, UK
MAD Royal Salute Power Main Cable
"Before, the sound seemed to have a fairly consistent quality - good, but perhaps a little generalised. Now, all of a sudden, I could hear things like subtle changes in microphone placement and room acoustics. I’m not sure exactly WHY a silver mains cable should make a difference, but - all I can say is – it does!"
Jimmy Hughes
Senior Contributor - Hi Fi+, UK